Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Prestige Villas Florida is a brokerage firm specialized in the rental of private villas. We strive to ensure top quality services and provide our guests with the best service.

Please carefully read the following General Terms & Conditions. By booking the selected villa you fully agree to these General Terms & Conditions published on the Prestige Villas Florida website.


Earliest check-in is 4:00 pm the day of arrival. Check-out is by 10:00 am the day of departure. Guests are not able to check in earlier or check out later.

The guest must coordinate the exact departure date with on-site property management at least 3 days prior to departure.


2.1 Restrictions / number of guests

The number of persons at the villa must never exceed the number of persons specified in the booking confirmation. The number of guests can be increased up to the maximum capacity specified on the website for the villa at least 3 days prior to arrival. The maximum number of guests also includes children, regardless of the age.

If the number of guests at the villa exceeds the specified number, Prestige Villas Florida reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement without notice. Guests must then fully vacate the villa within 3 hours. In this case, charges for the unused period will not be refunded.

2.2 Accommodations

The owner (landlord) guarantees the rental property will be vacant and generally habitable at the start of the rental term and for the agreed rental term.

The contract parties understand the rental property is used by many persons and may therefore suffer normal wear and tear. Minor defects which only marginally affect the contracted use of the rental property (e.g., minor untidiness, parts of equipment missing, occasional power failures, technical equipment failures, etc.) do not entitle the guest to a rental price reduction or compensation. 

2.3 Cleaning and maintenance

The guest is responsible for regular cleaning of the rental property during the rental period. The pool is checked and cleaned weekly by a pool service. The villa must be vacated swept clean at the end of the rental. Any garbage must be collected in garbage bags and disposed of in the designated waste receptacles.

Any damages caused by the guest must be reported to the on-site property management promptly.

2.4 Pets

The website for each villa specifies whether pets are allowed on the property and terms applicable to pets. Pets are strictly prohibited in the swimming pool. The surcharge for additional cleaning due to pets is automatically added to the rental price. The number of pets at the villa must not exceed the number specified in the booking confirmation.

In the event the guest has a pet at the villa unannounced, Prestige Villas Florida reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice. In this case, the guest and all persons staying at the villa must vacate the villa within 3 hours and will not be entitled to a refund of rental price.


Unless otherwise specified, all prices are listed in Dollars, per day. Prices are exclusive sales tax and tourist tax.

After successful booking the tenant will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice from Prestige Villas Florida. In the case of international payments, any bank fees/expenses are charged to the tenants.

3.1 Booking 30 days or more prior to arrival

The total amount is due before arrival.

A down payment in the amount of 30% of the agreed rental amount is due after receiving the booking confirmation/invoice.
The remainder (70%) must be received at least 30 days prior to arrival.

3.2 Booking 30 days or less prior to arrival

The full rental price is due immediately.


Charges for water and waste disposal incurred during the rental period are included in the rental price. Electricity, gas, telephone charges and the charges for final cleaning of the rental property and cleaning the grill are not included in the rental price and charged separately.

Electricity is charged at the local rate plus tax.

The price for the final cleaning varies based on the size and amenities of the respective rental property. Incidentals are deducted from the guest’s security deposit at the end of the rental period.


5.1 If the guest cancels the contract, the following cancellation fee will be due:

from conclusion of contract 20 % of invoice
90 days or less prior to the rental period 50% of the invoice
30 days or less prior to the rental period 100 % of the invoice

5.2 In the event the rental property is not available due to unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances prior to the guest arriving, Prestige Villas Florida agrees to refund the full amount paid at the time of cancellation. The guest agrees to waive any claims against Prestige Villas Florida.

5.3 If the rental property is taken late or not at all, or if the guest checks out early, the full invoice remains due.


Insufficient cleaning, damages and other defects discovered when arriving at the villa or any other complaints must be reported promptly, or at the latest within 24 hours. Complaints due to insufficient cleaning must be reported immediately. The complaint must be reported to the on-site property management.

The guest is obligated to make every effort to avoid or minimize damages and help minimize any type of loss incurred by the owner.

The guest will grant the owner reasonable time and opportunity to rectify any complaints.


We recommend our guests purchase travel cancellation insurance and liability insurance prior to arrival unless such insurance has already been purchased with adequate coverage.


Prestige Villas Florida acts as a broker for renting villas based on agency brokerage contracts for lodging services concluded with the owners of the villas. The contractual relationship is merely concluded between the tenant and the respective owner of the rental property. The parties agree the subject matter of the contract to be the rental of a vacation rental property for a limited rental period subject to these rental terms.


The landlord’s liability for property damage and financial losses not caused by intent or gross negligence are limited to the tenant’s right to a reduction in the rental price, not to exceed the agreed rental price. Any consequential losses are excluded.

Prestige Villas Florida is particularly not liable for the following reasons:

  • If the contract is not fulfilled or substantially more difficult due to events or force majeure (e.g., natural disasters such as hurricane, environmental disasters, epidemic, border closure, etc.), official order or sanctions
  •  Damages and losses due to burglary and theft
  •  Events Prestige Villas Florida could not have foreseen or averted despite all due diligence, such as construction noise in the neighborhood not coming from the landlord’s rental property (noise emission), pests, etc.
  • Use swimming pools at your own risk. We assume no liability for accidents or injuries.


10.1. The contracting parties will resolve any disputes amicably and peacefully. The contract is exclusively subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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